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I was born in Saxony-Anhalt and grew up in Berlin. After graduating from high school, I didn't want to dive straight into my studies. I wanted to see the world, live in other countries, earn my own money and get to know different types of people. So, I spent a few years living and working in Scotland and Australia before I moved back home to start university.  


I completed my degree at the University of Potsdam and stayed in Berlin for my two-year internship (Referendariat) following German law school. During this time I worked for the Berlin public prosecutor's office, in the legal department of Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg and in one of Berlin’s most renowned criminal law firms.  

It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to specialize in the field of criminal law. However, deciding whether I wanted to work as a criminal defense lawyer or as a public prosecutor was much more difficult. So, after finishing my law degree I decided to start as a freelance lawyer in a law firm at Berlin Ku'damm.

When I was then offered the opportunity to work for the Berlin public prosecutor's office (Staatsanwaltschaft Berlin) I decided it would be a great experience and asset getting to know "the other side". I was appointed public prosecutor at the Berlin public prosecutor's office in January 2018. Throughout the next few years I worked in the department for general crimes and misdemeanours and in the narcotics department. With around 340 judges and around 360 public prosecutors, the criminal court in Berlin Moabit is the largest in Europe. To have led investigations as a public prosecutor in Berlin and having been part of countless trials was extremely insightful not only because of the abundance of the cases, but also because of their diversity, and I am very happy to have chosen this path.

However, for various reasons, I felt working as a criminal defense lawyer suited me better, especially in the long run. So, when I moved to beautiful Bavaria it was the perfect opportunity for me to pursue this wish.

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